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The CambTEK Rapid Extraction System (RES)

A Sample Preparation instrument for rapid extraction of solid dose forms, gels, and liquids.

RES, Rapid Extraction System

Rapid Extraction System

The automated approach to solid, semi-solid, and liquid dosage form sample preparation.

The RES uses patented turbulent flow technology, with optional ultasonication to accelerate sample preparation extractions. Samples are quickly extracted, filtered, and diluted, ahead of analysis.

The RES is suitable for testing content uniformity (CU), impurity (imps), composite and bulk assay, ICH stability assay, blend and granulation uniformity, and other applications requiring a liquid extracted sample preparation.

From analytical R&D through to QA/QC laboratories, the RES improves quality of data, productivity, compliance, process standardization, and simplicity, whilst also delivering health & safety, environmental, and economic benefits.


  • Improved quality control
  • Increased productivity
  • Process control
  • Reproducible processes
  • Improved health & safety
  • Global process standardization

Key features

  • Fully automated sample-in to extract-out
  • Easy sample loading and tracking
  • In-process gravimetric control
  • Intuitive user software
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Comprehensive data logging & reporting

Ease of Use

The RES is very intuitive and easy to use. The minimal training requirement and low user touch-time leads to fast setup and operation, increased productivity, and reduced errors.

  1. Step one:

    Load sample into FlowCell

  2. Step two:

    Load FlowCell into puck

  3. Step three:

    Scan barcode & input data

  4. Step four:

    Load puck onto carousel

  5. Step five:

    Process sample

  6. Step six:

    Result out

RES Technology

The selected extraction eluent is dispensed to ASTM Class A dispensing accuracy, with gravimetric verification of solvent arrival. The extraction eluent is then circulated around the closed loop system, the turbulent flow quickly extracting the sample contained within the FlowCell. An aliquot of solute is filtered and dispensed into a septa-sealed 22 mL primary vial. If required, the filtrate is then automatically diluted to ASTM Class A dispensing accuracy, to achieve the required concentration from 1:1 to 1:400 dilution range. After mixing to achieve homogeneity, a volume can be automatically dispensed into a septa-sealed 2 mL HPLC vial, or directly injected into your analyser.

Sample Types

Normal Release Tablet Demonstration

Prolonged Release Tablet Demonstration

Capsule Demonstration

Bulk Assay Extraction Demonstration

Powder Extraction Demonstration

Liquid Extraction Demonstration

Key Features & Benefits

RES automation provides the modern laboratory with a range of advantages:

Quality Control

Designed to highest standards to ensure regulatory and quality compliance of data integrity, validity, and repeatability.


Requires low user touch-time, and 24/7 workflow increases laboratory productivity.

Process Control

Full in-process data, not just end-point analytical data.

Reproducible Processes

Fully automated sample-in to prepared sample-out workflow, passes highly consistent results to any downstream analytical instrument.

Health & Safety

Automated sample preparation and enclosed system reduces user exposure to harmful substances.

Process Standardization

Platform technology aids compliance and consistent results, independent of user proficiency or laboratory location.


Processes a wide range of sample types in both single sample and bulk assay, including more challenging formulations such HPMC, PEG, PEO and laser-drilled.


Provides sample preparation front-end to any dosage form analytical workflow.


Highly repeatable liquid delivery process conforms to ASTM Class A dispensing accuracy.


Fluidics and sonication provide good equivalency to manual methods, minimizing validation requirements when transferring from manual processes to RES automation.


Automated sample preparation increases laboratory productivity, leading to greater efficiency and economic benefits.

Ease of Use

Intuitive instrument & software, with barcode-driven workflows, simplifies operation for all types of users.

Data Tracking

Unique sample record stored in encrypted database, for integrity and protection of raw data.

User Control

21 CFR Part 11 compliant, with full user and instrument operations log. Login rights assigned depending on required permissions: Standard User, Method Developer, and Administrator.


Robust design and high component specification delivers minimal downtime and maximum reliability.