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RES Method Development

In addition to offering training on RES method development, and normal usage, we can also provide method development consultancy on an individual sample basis. This will ensure sample processing can begin as soon as possible, safe in the knowledge that a robust and reliable method has been developed.

To achieve this, we require:

  • an adequate supply of samples
  • the existing manual method currently in use (if available) including information about API solubility
  • details of the tablet coatings and solubility characteristics
  • stability of compound
  • current recovery data and required carryover criteria
  • details of chromatography conditions used (if available)
  • compound safety data sheets
  • a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be put in place (if necessary)

Please note: information about compound structures is desirable but not required if this is confidential information.

Our expert chemists can carry out the experimental work to develop a suitable RES method for your particular application. They are also available to offer advice for applications developed in-house.