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RES Instrument

It offers ultrasonication and turbulent flow to accelerate the extraction. The method developer can choose whether to deploy ultrasonication on a ‘per method’ basis. This may be required if transferred existing methods stipulate the use of ultrasonication.

Video Camera Option

The video camera records every extraction, and the video output is associated with the relevant post-extraction sample report. This video data can be reviewed to check the extraction of the tablet, useful during method development, for out-of-specification (OOS) investigations and for a comprehensive visual audit trail.

Vacuum System

The RES requires vacuum during the drying cycle. The Standalone Vacuum System stores sufficient vacuum for the RES drying step, and only engages to automatically maintain correct vacuum. The efficient on-demand, low noise, no fumes and dedicated vacuum system makes an ideal partner to the RES. This is a requirement if an alternative vacuum solution is unavailable. Please contact your CambTEK representative for specific details of vacuum requirements.

If a suitable vacuum solution is readily available in your laboratory, it is usually possible to connect the CambTEK Carboy Vacuum Assembly to it, and store sufficient vacuum for correct RES operation. Please contact your CambTEK representative for specific details of vacuum requirements.

External Balance

For methods that require a sample to be pre-weighed ahead of extraction, an additional external balance is available, in either 4-dp or 5-dp configurations.

Control System (Desktop or Laptop)

Buying a control system pre-installed with the RES Command Software is a very convenient way to ensure fast and reliable setup of your RES, giving confidence in the hardware compatibility and appropriate software versions.

RES Pucks

The RES ships with 10x pucks as standard. Additional pucks in units of 10 are available. The carousel can contain 30 pucks at maximum capacity, and for greater flexibility and convenience additional sets can be purchased to aid off-line workflows and sample setup.

Puck Tray

Machined from a single billet of high-grade aluminium and blue anodised, the Puck Tray provides an elegant and practical means to safely transport and store 10x pucks

Main Peristaltic Pump Element

The system records pump revolutions, and advises when the replacement of the main peristaltic pump element is necessary. This end-of-life advisory message ensures the continued safe and reliable operation of your RES. For further options and chemical compatibility, please contact your CambTEK representative

Waste Peristaltic Pump Element

The waste pump peristaltic element requires changing less frequently than the main pump, due to the lower pressure and operating time per method. Recommended replacement interval is dependent on usage and solvent type. Please contact your CambTEK representative for specific details and advice.

Solvent Line Retainers

To guide and retain solvent lines in solvent reservoirs. Suitable for solvent reservoirs up to 340 mm deep, or in conjunction with CambTEK 10 L heavy duty solvent reservoir solution.

10 L Solvent Reservoir Solution

10 L Solvent Reservoir and Cap adheres to highest quality standards, are durable and break-resistant, and are complimented with specifically designed solvent line retainers for trouble free use.

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